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innovative developments of existing product ranges
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Turning bolt assembly tool DMT asymmetrical angle, for use during turning bolt assembly without additional screwdriver in horizontal position of the cover
Cable tray cover spacer RDAH two-part, consisting of a spacer and a clamping strap
Protective cap SKC 70 to cover the profile ends for C-rail 2970 and 2971, traffic grey, RAL 7042
Anchor channel model 2996Z-2.0 C-profile, with toothing, slot width 22 mm, perforated ÷
Protective cap pair SKKSA for covering cable tray/divider ends with 60 mm, 100 mm and 110 mm edge height
Universal fastening angle UBW for wall mounting of three-sided perforated U-profiles as well as for use on flat inclined as well as vertical surfaces such as roof rafters, supports or concrete purlins
Device Built-In Box GDM is available pre-assembled, saving time with screwless assembly by snapping into the cover contour of the unit channel
Vertical cable ladder angle STWBKS asymmetrical, with system perforation, for vertical connection of cable trays with 100 mm/110 mm edge height at walkable system
Vertical Cable Ladder Fastening Adapter STBA for ceiling and floor fastening of vertical cable ladders (STL 60... and STM 60...)
Strain Relief ZF for use for integrated functional maintenance as an effective support measure for vertical cable laying according to DIN 4102 part 12
Roof Support DS 110 for laying cable support systems on flat roof surfaces, in raised floors or areas where drilling is not permitted...
Cable Supports CH for quick and easy fixing of cables to machines and systems in the hygiene sector
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